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Jörg Schrempf, Chairman Verbund Vaihinger Fachgeschäfte

Verbund Vaihinger Fachgeschäfte e.V.
Gartenstr. 47
70563 Stuttgart
Phone (0711) 68 68 73 94
Fax (0711) 68 68 73 95
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Register of Associations
Amtsgericht Stuttgart VR 3852 (Local District Court Stuttgart)

Bank Details
Volksbank Stuttgart eG
BC 600 901 00
Account 10 521 003


Verbund Vaihinger Fachgeschäfte (VVF e.V.) and Bund der Selbständigen e.V. Vaihingen - Rohr - Büsnau - Dachswald - Dürrlewang (BDS e.V.) do not assume liability for the completeness or correctness of the information provided on this website or for its update status. The same applies to all links contained directly or indirectly on this website. The providers of the linked sites are fully responsible for the contents of their representations.

All rights reserved. The imiges, text and graphics, the layout and design of the website as a whole and the individual elements of this site are copyrightprotected. The use of this website in public is subject to the written approval of VVF e.V. and BDS e.V.. No part may be reproduced or published without the prior permission of VVF e.V. and BDS e.V.

Data Privacy Policy
This privacy policy tells you how we use personal information collected on this site. Each visit on is accompanied by data retrieval through VVF e.V. and BDS e.V. in compliance with the legal requirements (German Act for Telemedia Services, Interstate Broadcasting Treaty and Data Protection Act of Baden-Württemberg). The following information describes the mode, the complexitiy and the intended usage of the data retrieval while visiting

  1. Data of usage
  2. Personal data
  3. Cookies
  4. Rights of affected people
  5. Other
  6. Contact

1. Data of usage
With each access to and with each file recovery general data is automatically stored in a log file. This is how we ensure that the user remains anonymous. The anonymous storage is only for systems-related and statistical purposes. The thirdparty-circulation (distribution) of the stored data or further data-analysis does not occur unless required by law. The following data record is stored with each access:

  • Name of retrieved file
  • Date and time of retrieval
  • Transferred data volume
  • Notification if retrieval was successful
  • Description of web browser involved
  • Operation system involved
  • Search criteria with date and time
  • Provider
  • IP-address of user (anonymous)

The data files are going to be deleted after one month. For web statistics we register anonymous session IDs. Those IDs are stored without any referral to the users' IP-address.

2. Personal Data
Personal data is only processed (retrieved, used and stored) when necessary for the use of services offered on this page e.g. forms and your personal agreement.

3. Cookies
We apply additionally cookies in some fields of our internet offer. These file elements allow that your computer is registered as a technical unit during your visit on This facilitates the usage of our web offer when visiting our website repeatedly. You may also install a cookie alert on your computer thus you can allow or deny cookies respectively delete existing cookies. Please use the help functions of your internet browser to get information about computer setting modalities. We advise you that some functions on our website may not work if you have deactivated the use of cookies.

4. Rights of affected people
According to the legal regulations user may claim information about their personal data or may get access to this data at any time. If data is incorrect affected people can demand correspondent amendment of the data. In addition the affected users are entitled to assign the deletion or the blocking of the data.

5. Other
VVF e.V. and BDS e.V. are entitled to alter this data privacy policy at any time taking into account the effective legal data protection regulations.

6. Contact
The office of Verbund Vaihinger Fachgeschäfte is keen to provide more information about data protection.

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